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So we got rid of them.

You might be thinking, ‘Okay, but what does NSF mean’? Or, maybe you’re all too familiar. In the banking world, we love our acronyms.

NSF is short for non-sufficient funds.

Basically, an NSF fee is what a bank charges you when there’s not enough money in your account to cover a transaction. Think: bounced checks or overdrawing.

And those fees can be upwards of $40 each – yikes – with the average around $25.

Well, at Legacy Bank, our NSF fee is officially $0.00 as of July 2022. That’s right.

Zip. Zilch. Zero.

NSF? More like Not Suitable For: Life.

Because life is full of surprises. Emergencies. And a lot of things that make living in fear of a dreaded NSF fee just unreasonable – and kind of outdated – these days.

We might be crazy.

We might be really into fighting inflation. But mostly, we’re just all about showing a little love to our loyal customers.

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And it gets better.

Need a little extra from time to time?

Check out our Overdraft Privilege.

Let’s say it’s the end of the month, and your account is running low. Like, really low. And then the ol’ car battery calls it quits. Our Overdraft Privilege makes a ‘little extra’ available to you – so you can go ahead and use your Legacy debit card to replace the battery. We’ve got you covered. Zero strings or fees attached.

Additional ways to save.

While you’re at this whole saving money and making great decisions thing, you should check out our SquareOne account or Win/Win money market account.


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